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HastyDocs creates a missing link between code and documentation that helps you save time and improve quality of your docs!

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How it works:

  1. Import your docs and repo to our app,

  2. Tag the text in your documentation and the code in your repo,

  3. Create a link between the two. Now it is easily visible to everyone,

  4. We will send you notification when the code changes, so that you know which part of docs needs an update. 

What can be linked:

  1. Connect specific lines of code, method, class but also whole packages or multiple files in a package - go beyond docstring limitations.

  2. Create dynamic code examples by linking code instead of copy pasting it multiple times.

  3. Give broader context to existing code snippets by linking full methods, test cases or whole modules.

  4. Link configuration and deployment files to have up-to-date documentation.

  5. Link backup, security and other policies to relevant places in your code.

Use Cases 


Keep your documentation
up-to-date with automatic reminders. 

When you create links between your documentation and your code, we will automatically remind you to review docs, when the code changes. No more time wasted on finding right place to update! 

  • Get Automatic notification to review docs! 

  • Save a lot of time of developers and technical writes spent of keeping docs up-to-date in a manual and error-prone way.

  • Let developers focus on writing code instead of keeping the docs up-to-date. 

  • Keep more of your external documentation up-to-date so your customers will have less problems with it and your brand will have better perception.

  • Less  out-of-date docs also means less support and expenses! 

Link documentation with code for better comprehension.

Your technical documentation describes your code base, which makes it natural to link them together, so:

1) when developers read code can quickly see relevant parts of documentation 

2) when developers or users read documentation, they can easily find right part of the code base. 


  • Faster onboarding of new developers and faster ramp-up time when current developers switch teams or work on new features.

  • Savings for the company. 

  • Higher satisfaction of your development team due to better code comprehension.

  • Improved asynchronous communication as the codebase is easier to understand.

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  • Links between documentation and code in our Web App

  • One Unified view of code next to your Documentation

  • Integration with Main Wiki tools such as Confluence or Google Docs to easily import your internal documentation.

​Github/GitLab Integrations

  • Integration with GitHub/GitLab to easily import your public documentation and code.

  • GitHub BOT that automatically notifies to review documentation when the code changes.

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